Life Design
Conference 2022

You are guaranteed to leave the conference with a concrete plan how to use life design in your organization


Friday October 28th 2022

Welcome to the the very first Life Design conference. The event is hosted in Helsinki with selected participants interested in applying Life Design in their organizations. You get to network with likeminded people and you are guaranteed to leave the conference with a concrete plan how to use life design in your organization.


We want to spread the joy and awareness of life design, and make reachable for more people on Earth


Friday 28.10.2022


Maria01 & Education Hub Helsinki


Coffee and opening words
Keynotes and panel
Self-Hack experiences in high schools, universities and employment services
Lunch at Restaurant Töölö
Life Design workshops
Dialogue groups, life design in participants' own context
Coffee and Networking break
Workshop: implementing life design in you industry/organization (life design canvas)
Venue closes
After party:
Bar Hub
Malminrinne 2, 00100, Helsinki

Limited places

Panel of producers and designers or Self-Hack

Key learnings from organizing a Self-Hack event, course or curriculum.

At Maria 01 on the morning of October 28th within the program of Life Design Conference 2022
Riika-Stiina Laurokari
Team leader - City of Tampere, employent office
Elli Korhonen
Expert, Tutoring - the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Grace Thévenet
Coordinator Career Club - City of Espoo
Niina Marostenmäki
Solution Designer, First Year Experience - University of Oulu
Nina Tatti
Special Education Teacher, Study Guide - Kaleva High School

Panel of specialists from the field

How designing your life today can change your future and why it is important to do it together?

Sami Pirkola
Professor of social psychiatry Chair of the expert committee in Finnish Mental Health Strategy 2020-30
Ilona Kangas
COO of YTK association Developing the community of the largest unemployment fund in Finland
Jenni Kääriäinen
Chief Designer at Tuska Festival Designing communal culture festivals from SLUSH to Flow
Yoad Mick
Founder at IMAGYM, Imagination Hacker. Empowering individuals and companies to hack their limitless imagination to create limitless opportunities.

The morning panel of Life Design Conference 2022 consists of specialists who see Life Design as an integral part of their profession. The interesting thing is that everybody is using different words on Life Design. The panel’s goal is to find common understanding between the different techniques and vocabulary around the topic as well as share working practices.


First introduction is Sami Pirkola, the professor of social psychiatry in Tampere University and the chair of the expert committee in Finnish mental health strategy 2020-30. Sami knows best the field around clinical mental health. In that field the focus has shifted recently from hospital centric mental health work to cooperation within the whole society to increase the mental health capital of the populations. Sami is constantly discovering new ways to work together in building stronger healthy minds. Check our short interview from: 


Ilona Kangas is leading the largest unemployment fund association in Finland consisting of 200k members. YTK association provides support for the members to develop in their careers. Community cooperation is a new technique that she sees value piloting in. Ilona mentioned that if 1% of all their members would be proactive and take responsibility for joining social activity, that would mean creating groups in every small and middle sized town in Finland. We just need to offer the right activities for them.


Jenni Kääriäinen has had a colorful career starting as a light designer in Finnish teathers and entrepreneur at Sun Effects design house. She was in the forefronts of global productions from SLUSH (Helsinki, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore), Flow, Lux, Nordic Business Forum, Tuska festival. One of the most empowering ways of combining art, production and even business has been co-creation “talkoot” mentality, which Jenni is a master in organizing. Between the productions Jenni tests new co-creation methods and hosts a clubhouse in a highly communal Hakkila Container Village. The goal is to help professionals from many different fields and social backgrounds to be creative together.


Yoad Mick works for our imagination. He knows that personal development starts from the skill to imagine available futures. This skill of stepping out of the ordinary requires practice, and as gym is made for us to upkeep and grow our physical shape, imagination practices are for us to train our brain to be receptive to the many opportunities out there.

Open Workshops

Open workshops in Helsinki Education Hub

The last program of the day is practical. We aim to create pilots in Life Design methods tailored to organizations represented in the program. We will achieve the goal by sharing our current practices, wishes and obstacles in small groups. Then we will take part in workshops and small group discussions to learn about implementing Life Design in its many forms, from imagination excersises to digital meta skills clinics. At the end we will make a quick prototype canves on piloting your idea.
How you use your imagination holds the key to how you design your life.

This workshop will give you a taste of how to work from the inside out, using an imagination-first mindset. How to methodically train to think through opportunities rather than limitations, and have your unique imagination work for you, rather than against you.
You will discover firsthand, how training the inner power that you already have, can enable you to become a source of limitless inspiration and creativity for you and for others, allowing you to easily reimagine every aspect of your life.

Yoad Mick
Founder at IMAGYM, Imagination Hacker. Empowering individuals and companies to hack their limitless imagination to create limitless opportunities.
eLearning & Life Design

In this workshop we will explore how digital solutions can be used to support and scale life design. You will learn some key principles that a learning process needs to incorporate in order to be truly engaging and effective.

Anssi Balk
Founder of Metataito Klinikka
How to implement life design in your organisation?

In this workshop we work with a simple canvas to figure out what elements would you need to implement life design in your organisation, and how to make it concretely happen in the near future.

Vesa-Matti Ruottinen
Founder of Creativity Squads

Limited places