Creating the biggest life design movement on Earth


"80% of the world’s population don’t know their passion and a 50% feels like changing something in their life but don’t know where to start."

-Stanford University & The Telegraph


The world’s coolest and easiest life-design concept.


1 day of time and space to think about your life and your direction.

Guided through with th Self-Hack workbook. Based on Design Thinking, Stanford’s Life Design and Positive Psychology.


For whom?


(who want to help their students design their lives)


(who want to develop their employee experience)


(who want to tighten the community feeling)

Unemployment services

(who want to help people to figure out their future paths)

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We are selecting 100 universities around the world to do a self-hack experience during the year 2020. We are guiding it through with the help of University of Oulu where we already implemented the concept for all of their freshman students.

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